When was your last vaccine? Did you know some vaccines require boosters to stay effective? At Peace Pharmacy we will ensure you are up to date on all of your vaccines. Our pharmacists are injection certified and will work with you and your other health care professionals to identify any vaccines you may require. Call or come in today for a peace of mind regarding your vaccination status.

Compliance Packs

Do you or a loved one ever find it hard to remember which pills to take? Peace Pharmacy provides compliance packs to all patients upon requests. Compliance packs help organize your medications to ensure you remember your medications. Each compliance pack contains a weeks worth of medications organized by morning, lunch, supper and bedtime. Compliance packs may be dispensed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Come in today to learn more about compliance packs.

Medical Supplies

Have you recently been injured and require a wheelchair or crutches? Do you or a loved one need supports for your home or washroom? Peace Pharmacy is here to help. Our pharmacy has the the ability to order in a wide variety of medical supplies and supports within 24-48 hours, to benefit your needs.

Medication Reviews

Peace Pharmacy is here to ensure you understand your medications and their benefits. Our pharmacists accomplish this with medication reviews. During the medication review process our pharmacists will go through the medications and supplements you take and discuss their relevance to your health. The pharmacists will optimize your health by identifying any drug problems or unmet needs and making appropriate recommendations. All recommendations made will be shared with your other healthcare professionals, keeping them up to date, and ensuring you receive the best care possible.